The AAA Efficiency Team in recent years has worked hard on the research and development of alternative and sustainable power-generation technologies.

For the first time it is possible to utilize unused industrial waste heat to create CO₂  free electricity; less expensive than other current energy generating processes such as coal power plants, gas power plants, nuclear power plants, photovoltaics or wind turbines.

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AAA Efficiency is thus a clean energy producer through the process of converting pollutive gasses and energies. Our Waste Conversion Units (WCU's) can reduce pollution, and transform it into clean, CO₂ neutral energy. 

The implications are immense both in the magnitude of the reduction in pollution, and harmful gasses, as well as the implications for monetizing the product; wide market potential, clean energy trading, green technology tax benefits, and CO₂ certificate trading. 

Our main goal is to place our systems into the global industry as an operator model. The revenue from electrical supply and CO₂  certificates will be shared among the waste / heat supplier according to a specific key. 

AAA Efficiency has the potential to become the first internationally marketable Microgrid based on blockchain with a decentralized energy resource offering CO₂  neutral Energy. For the first time in history,E-Mobility can be called a truly clean Industry. 

Our team consists of post-doctoral scientists, engineers, technicians and industrial masters from physics, thermodynamics, power engineering, electrical engineering and control engineering. Furthermore we have well qualified craftsmen from all necessary fields. 

An experienced Management Team consisting of a senior executive, and a finance & legal team will be responsible for further corporate actions & joint ventures. 

We will be accompanied by a renowned auditing firm and an international patent law firm headquartered in Düsseldorf, Germany.

We were able to successfully test our technology in a total of 10 projects over several years under real conditions with well-known, German industry leaders, of which the results astonished even the German TUV experts, and our partners at the Fraunhofer Institute.

Our unique and proven feature is the unparalleled cost efficiency (from 1.35 cents EUR / kWh cost price) and the scalability of the modified stock technology (10kW to 500kW with inlet pressure 0.5 bar). After this successful pilot phase and the nomination for the Innovator 2019, the international marketing of the most diverse areas of application of our worldwide patented technology is now underway.

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